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Professional Stainless Steel Eyelash Extensions Straight Tweezers


Our tweezers are all handmade in Germany. Why do we have our tweezers handmade? To ensure that they are all up to our working standards and that our technicians do not purchase tweezers that don't grab or close properly. Unfortunately, when tweezers are made by the batch, quality control cannot be achieved properly. To further guarantee this, we also test all of our tweezers before selling them. Our design ensures that they close fully from tip to base, therefore preventing your lashes from slipping or falling apart.

Key Features:
• Perfect for separating natural lashes in order to isolate an individual lash
• Very effective for selecting and picking up lashes
• Designed for precise and efficient handling, isolation and application of individual lashes and lash extensions
• Extremely pointed tips that close tightly to handle individual lashes with precision, without damaging or bending the lash
• Smooth opening and closing action offers the perfect tension for working with lashes

Measurement Approximation: 4.9 * 0.4 * 0.2 inches / 12.5 * 1 * 0.5 cm
Weight Approximation: 23 g

Professional Stainless Steel Eyelash Extensions Straight Tweezers Reviews

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