Roselisa Dorval

Elisa Botros, Founder and President of Academy Roselisa, started working in the beauty industry in 2001. Driven by a desire to help empower woman to be the best version of themselves, she took a training in 2009 to become a certified lash technician. It was then that she was offered a job working for a renowned plastic surgeon in New York. In her time there, she offered eyelash extension services, Endermologie treatments and various laser treatments. After almost 5 years of working in a busy New York treatment center, Elisa missed her home and family and decided to return to her hometown of Montreal. She always knew that she wanted to continue her work, but to take it in a new direction.

Growing up with a single-parent, she always felt compassion towards hard-working women. She knew she wanted to start something to empower women to start their own business and make extra money to raise their children and start new lives for themselves. Her initial goal was to start a training program teaching woman how to apply Eyelash Extensions. In a rapidly growing industry, it quickly became apparent to her that distributing the products was going to be an equally important part of what is now Roselisa Academy. Elisa works closely with her students as well as the distributors to coach and mentor them in reaching and exceeding their goals.

Today, Roselisa Academy is a reflection of Elisa’s personal beliefs. It is a place where women come to grow and start something new for themselves. Being very close to her family, it was only a natural decision to have her mom involved in her business. Ginette Bergeron, now retired, works part time helping with various aspects of the business with her focus being customer satisfaction.
Elisa, who married in May of 2017, also welcomed her husband at the Academy. She is excited to have him working alongside her full time to help develop the business outside of the Canadian Market.

Roselisa Drummundville

Valerie has always been a kind, compassionate person who always wanted to help those around her. Born in Quebec, she travelled to Toronto to learn how to speak English. It is there that the entrepreneur in her decided to open her own business taking care of dogs. She had her own dog grooming business and even started her own line of home baked dog treats. When life brought her back to Quebec, she wanted to start a new business and the lash world truly interested her. She loved helping women look and feel their best. From there, more trainings followed. She is now a certified nail technician and permanent makeup artist. After meeting the people at the Academy and falling in love with our products, she knew she wanted to be part of this growing family. That is how Roselisa Academy Drummondville came to be. Valerie loves giving trainings and distributing for the Academy. Her goal is to continue growing her current location and possibly offer more services to her customers. When she is not at the Academy, she is spending time with her son.

Roselisa Gatineau

Tina’s dream to work in the beauty industry started at a young age. She knew that as soon as she finished high school, she would go straight to hair dressing school. Tina is known within the Roselisa Family to be a busy body, so it is no surprise that she couldn’t just stop at learning hairdressing. From there she took many other courses, but it is only when she took her Microblading course that she discovered her true passion. She fell in love with the service and has made that her main focus. Tina travels weekly to train students in Microblading across Quebec. She made the leap and became a distributor for Academy Roselisa when she opened the Gatineau location. Tina is a hard-working, passionate entrepreneur who strives to continually improve the customer experience by offering amazing service to her customers and her students. 

Roselisa Les Coteaux and Roselisa Granby

lylia-bernier.jpgLylia joined Roselisa Academy in August of 2017 when she opened the training and distribution center in Les Coteaux. Born in Marseille, France, she followed her heart and moved to Canada in 2010. Leaving her career in scientific research and pharmaceutical sales to follow her long-time dream of pursuing work in the esthetics industry, she attended all trainings the Academy has to offer. She is now a certified technician in Microblading, Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Threading and several other services that she offers to customers at her location. She is also a knowledgeable trainer who teaches new technicians the art of Eyelash Extensions, both Classic and Russian Volume, as well as Keratin Lash lifts and Threading. Lylia puts her heart into everything she does which is always felt by the students she teaches. When Lylia is not busy at work, she is busy at home with her two sons. Following the success of Roselisa Academy Les Coteaux, Lylia opened its second location in Granby in partnership with Roselisa Academy Repentigny.

Roselisa Quebec

amelie-montanbeault.jpgAmelie joins the Roselisa Academy Family with a long history of working in sales. With an educational background in Early Childhood Education, Amelie later discovered her strong ability in sales, working in the insurance industry. She stumbled upon the eyelash business out of curiosity and started offering Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lifts out of her home in her spare time. Five years later, this busy mother of two, turned her hobby into a full-time career. Amelie is the owner and operator of Roselisa Academy Quebec City, offering trainings and distributing our products to both beginner and experienced lash technicians. Here, Amelie gets to combine her passion for sales while servicing her valued customers. Amelie’s passion for the industry is felt upon the first meeting with her. She is living her dream at the Academy of finally being her own boss and running a business of her own.

Roselisa Repentigny and Roselisa Granby

Growing up on a family farm, Audree learned at young age what it was to work hard. Wanting to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she decided to pursue a career in Nursing. For over 10 years enjoyed a fulfilling career in that field working in the intensive care unit. Esthetics always interested her so she slowly transitioned into providing nursing foot care. From there, things just kept rolling. She then became a nail technician and an eyelash technician.  Audree loves that she is able to use some of the aspects learned in nursing and apply them to her esthetics business. Audree understands the importance of maintaining a clean, sterile work environment. Working with quality products is critical to her.Hard-working, determined and passionate, she transitioned from a working lady to a lady boss. With two children aged 8 and 4, she is learning to balance family life and running her own business. Audree is one of the newest members of the Roselisa Academy Family. She opened Roselisa Academy Repentigny in 2017 and, following the success of this one, Audrée opened its second location in Granby in partnership with Roselisa Academy Les Coteaux.

Roselisa Volume Trainer

roxy-currie.jpgRoxy Canty-Currie, International trainer and Lash Master, took her first lash course with Roselisa Academy 2 years ago. Little did anyone know then that her career would skyrocket into a total sensation. Immediately after her first classic training, Roxy threw herself into the lash world, attending trainings in London, France and Prague. Specializing in Russian Volume, Roxy trains new students as well as seasoned lash technicians in advanced techniques. Her work has been published in Lash Inc. Magazine and has earned her many invitations to judge international lash competitions. Roxy is now a highly sought-after trainer from students around the world and has begun travelling the world to share her expertise in Russian Volume with her students. When Roxy is not giving trainings, she is often attending trainings to learn the latest techniques that allow her to stay on top of the latest trends. Roxy will continue to take on every training presented to her as she believes all lash artists should never stop learning. When she is not working, she enjoys time at home and practicing her lash fans. A valued member of the Roselisa Family, Roxy is a Russian Volume lash trainer who travels to all our Academies, teaching up-and-coming lash artists.

Esthetician and Lash Expert

Amanda-Pereira-FontesIn 2017 Amanda Pereira Fontes became a certified Esthetician with a strong belief in making people feel good about themselves. Working in esthetics has been a dream come true for Amanda. Throughout her career, Amanda has worked in several industries and none of them compare to how fulfilling being an esthetician is. “Beauty makes people feel good and who doesn’t want to feel good?” Beauty is an art form. And for Amanda art is esthetics. Every day Amanda is presented with new opportunities to better her craft while learning the best and most efficient ways to bring quality and comfort to her customers. She knows how stressful it can be to trust someone to take care of their esthetic needs. That is why with each customer she receives; she does her absolute best to elevate their experience by giving them the best service with only the highest quality products. Transforming someone into a masterpiece, making them feel good, and then witnessing their reactions is a priceless reward for Amanda and she truly can’t get enough. The beauty industry has become her passion and it drives me to be better each day.