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Magnifying Lamp with Stand and Lens Cover - Magnifying 5X

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The lamp is a simple and effective solution for seeing almost anything bigger, better and brighter. The movable arm has unique internal cantilever system that lets you adjust without loosening/tightening knobs - perfectly balanced to hold position (can be locked in position if necessary). Its lens cover protects the lens from dust when not in use and increases lighting power when down. It's a basic tool to be used in the beauty salon, through a magnifying glass reflection and soft light, it can produce a more detailed layer and texture of the skin. 22-watt fluorescent bulbs, daylight spectrum; eye-pleasing, efficient & cool-burning.

Key Features:
• Adjustable Height and Angle
• Phillips 22-Watt Circular Light Tube
• White Color
• 4 Star Foot/Stand
• Wire Length: 1.8m

Measurement Approximation: 33.7 * 16.9 * 7.1 inches / 88 * 43 * 18 cm
Weight Approximation: Net Weight 6.3 kg / Gross Weight: 6.9 kg

Magnifying Lamp with Stand and Lens Cover - Magnifying 5X Reviews

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