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Elleebana Henna Eyebrow Brush


Elleebana henna eyebrow brush is suitable for all type of makeup and application of henna brows. The super fine brush threads help you get the perfect henna color for eyebrows, applying color or makeup. It is quite easy to clean them as well. The metallic joint which holds the handle and the brush thread is durable in a gold-colored finish. The matte finish of the brush handle gives it an elegant look.

Key Features:

  • Angled Tip
  • Metallic & Gold Colored Joint
  • Matte Finish Handle for an Elegant Look
  • Good for applying henna and makeup on eyebrows

Approximate Size: 17.5cm * 0.8cm * 0.6cm

Approximate Weight: 4g

Elleebana Henna Eyebrow Brush Reviews

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