Brow Lamination (1 Day Course)

Brow Lamination is a therapeutic procedure that aims to make the eyebrows more refined and natural. This treatment is a new, very natural trend in the eyebrow industry that comes from Russia. Brow lamination consists to brush and fix the hair so that they are in the same direction. The eyebrows will have a more neat, combed and much thicker effect. Hair can be styled in any direction and can cover any sparse area. There is no maintenance for a month and the effect can last up to two months. It's a great alternative to microblading. Your training is 6 hours.

  • Theory: hygiene, skin, how to proceed with treatment, health and safety at work
  • Demonstration by the trainer
  • Practice on two live models
  • Overview of Roselisa resale products
  • Explanations of the starter kit and products
  • Frequently asked questions
Kit Includes                

Allows you to do approx. 10-20 customers

Value of $367

  • 1 Sol #1
  • 1 Sol #2
  • 1 Sol #3
  • 2 Tints
  • 1 Oxydant
  • 1 Lash Up Glue
  • 1 Shampoo
  • 1 Reusable Mascara Wand
  • 50 Disposable Mascara Wands
  • 50 Applicators
  • 100 Micro-Brushes
  • 50 Glue Rings
  • 1 Tweezer

Price: $599.99