About Roselisa


The Roselisa Story

Founded in 2014 by Elisa Botros, Roselisa Inc. is renowned for its training and product distribution in the fields of microblading, eyelash extensions, keratin lash lifts, teeth whitening, spray tan and other cosmetic products and services. Roselisa Inc.'s experts are among the best in the business, tasked with the goal of educating and helping technicians become elite stylists. Our main goal is for all of our technicians to obtain their certification to then become the most qualified and well-trained technicians in the industry.

With 10 locations to serve you better, all of our trainings include starter kits so that technicians can start their career on the right foot. Roselisa Academy has certified over 4000 technicians. With a 5-star rating review on Google and a 4.9-star rating review on Facebook, you are sure to be in the right hands.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become the world’s most trusted supplier and training facility in the cosmetic and the beauty industry.

Our mission is to make the world a more beautiful place by providing quality beauty products and services to everyone, leaving anyone we serve self-confident and beautiful.

We always remain at the disposal of our students, even after their training with unlimited access to our trainers at no charge. We are passionate and devoted to the success of our students. We have weekday and weekend trainings available for added flexibility to your schedules.

A Safe and Accredited Environment

Our school is recognized and accredited by the APESEQ and Revenu Quebec. Our products are registered with Health Canada, ensuring we sell only the best quality products to our technicians.

Safety, quality and customer service is our top priority. Our courses are all accredited, a receipt for income tax purposes will be issued upon registration.

Roselisa Academy graduates can benefit from an additional discount of 10% on all our products and free shipping on orders over $100.


Franchisor Responsibilities:

  • Access to products and training programs
  • Diploma Submission Management
  • Store design recommendations and approval
  • Representative on-site during grand opening
  • Ongoing support
  • Informative publications
  • Global Marketing, R&D & Innovation

Franchisee Responsibilities:

  • Initial franchise fee and royalties
  • Finding locations (~1500 SF)
  • Store design
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Hiring employees and managing the store
  • Fair contribution of social media marketing

Before the grand opening, a training will be provided in Montreal. We will also assist you in evaluating the location for your business and with its store design. We will help you get started and provide you with ongoing support after the grand opening to make sure you operate effectively. We will always be one phone call or email away.

We continuously focus on R&D to innovate and become the world’s leader in cosmetics. As we launch new exciting products and services, we will make sure that you’re properly educated with regular newsletters, emails, conference calls and other additional tools.



Apply: Simply complete the application and the non-disclosure agreement included in the below PDF and email them back to us. A disclosure document will then be sent to you that includes more information about the business structure, the pricing structure and all related elements.


Investigate: Talk to a few of our franchisees to learn more about us, a contact list will be provided upon step 1 completion. Explore first hand why they chose the Roselisa franchise and visit our website to learn more about our terrific team and exciting products and services.


Join our amazing team: Nothing gets easier than that! Once you have finished your investigation and we have approved your application, let’s get started. The opportunities are endless and we will make sure to assist you in every way to increase your probability of success.


Costs Breakdown:

The Roselisa franchise has a low start-up cost. Your complete investment will depend on your location, size and the extent of renovations required. A lower cost store is one that would require fewer leasehold improvements and is small in size. Higher costs stores may require extensive interior renovations and are generally bigger in size.

The Roselisa Difference:

You can rest assured with Roselisa Inc. as our structure is extremely well designed, our brand is recognized internationally, we carry a very large inventory base for your needs (one stop shop), have all the trainings developed and consistently keep adding new exciting products and services. We will always be available to support you during your journey to ensure your success, that’s our guarantee to you.

Please note that other expenses will impact your initial investment. Please allow a reserve for minor leasehold improvements, insurance, supplies, training expenses (includes travel and lodging), legal & accounting, miscellaneous expenses (business licenses, utility deposits), additional funds – 3 months, etc.

Specific costs will be provided upon completion of the application form and the non-disclosure agreement.


Whether it’s for a training or as a supplier for your products, I highly recommend the Roselisa Academy. I attended 2 trainings and greatly appreciated their professionalism, the quality of the teaching, the quality of the products, the availability of trainers and excellent after-sales service!

Being in the field of beauty for over 14 years, I have traded with several training schools and several suppliers and I have to say that Roselisa Academy stands out as few do.

- Annie Beauchamp

I trained with Elisa in Trois-Rivières and it was great! Complete training, we learn the proper techniques of hygiene, the lengths of the eyelashes, the thicknesses, the different shapes! The training is varied and allows us to do our first pose on a real person! The trainer is playful and mastered her subject very well! Congratulations to you Elisa! I recommend the training to all of those who would like to work in the field!!

- Rebecka Boily

I had been following Roxy on Facebook for a long time and I had to "shop around" my volume training before stopping my choice on the Roselisa Academy! One word: Wow! The staff are super friendly, patient and professional! What about Roxy!!! A passionate woman who is not afraid to share her tricks & tips so that we can improve and grow professionally. The training is more than complete and I feel finally confident to face the future challenges that are available to me. I recommend Roxy for volume training and mega volume. Thank you to your beautiful team!

- Jolene Beaulne

Lash-aholic and now spreading the lash love to other beautiful ladies out there!! All thanks to an amazing teacher! Very patient and treats you with finesse! The service does not stop when you walk out the doors!!!

- Cha Cha

Are you interested in opening your own Roselisa Academy? We are an accredited cosmetic school offering the latest courses in eyelash extensions, and microblading. Established in 2014, the Roselisa Academy is one of the fastest growing cosmetic schools in Canada, offering the latest training in cutting edge treatments and techniques. 

Click here to download our Franchisee Application and Agreement